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Hair Care Guide

Here Are Just A Few Tips On Daily Hair Care To Keep Your Hair Extensions Looking Healthy, Manageable And Re-Usable; Because Without Proper Maintenance It Won’t Last. 


  • We Highly Recommend Using A Moisturizing Conditioner, Then Wash The Hair With Warm Water And Rinse The Hair With Cold Water.
  • Allow Your Hair To Air Dry Before Installing (Don’t Roll Or Rub Hair Into A Towel). To Prevent Shedding Of Your Hair; Seal Your Wefts And Try To Prevent Cutting The Wefts (Only Cut Wefts If Needed); This Will Allow Your Bundles To Last Longer.


  • We Advise That You Comb Your Hair Every Morning. Gently Brush Your Hair Starting From The Ends And Work Your Way Up Towards Your Scalp. Starting From The Ends Keeps The Pressure Off The Weft Area And Is A Good Way To Maintain The Longevity Of The Extensions.
  • Keep Styling Products To A Minimum To Keep The Hair From Weighing Down. You May Use Coconut Oil Weightless Hydrating Oil Mist Daily To Prevent Hair From Drying Out. If You Will Be Using Heat Always Apply A Heat Protectant Agent.


  • At Night Do Not Sleep On Wet Hair. Sleeping On Wet Hair Is Known To Matte Hair And Makes It Very Difficult To Keep The Hair The Way You Want. Just Make Sure Your Hair Is Completely Dry Before You Go To Sleep And You Shouldn’t Have Anything To Worry About.
  • Before Going To Bed, Gently Brush Hair To Remove All Tangles. You May Also Braid Your Hair Into A Couple Of Big Braids, Wrap Your Hair, Or Tie Your Hair Into A Ponytail.
  • Always Sleep With A Satin Scarf/Bonnet Or On A Silk Pillow.


  • Always Use Non-Sulfate Shampoo And Conditioner Products On Your Extensions.
  • Deep Condition Your Bundles Twice A Month For At Least One Hour With A Good Quality Conditioner. The Deeper The Conditioning The Better.
  • When Washing Your Bundles Always Use Lukewarm Water For Retaining Of Moisture And Nutrients In Your Bundles.


The “Deep Water Wave” Texture

For Best Results: Co-Wash The Miink Brazilian (Deepwave) Texture With Cool Water. Co-Washing Is A Method To Wash Hair Without Using Shampoo And Washing With Conditioner. When Co-Washing Your Hair You Should Use A Cleansing Conditioner To Wash The Hair. Rinse The Hair With Cool Water. Lay It Flat To Air Dry And Then Install. This Method Will Keep The Curl Pattern Nice And Tight. Hot Or Warm Water Will Loosen The Curl Pattern

The “Tight Water Wave” Texture

It’s Mandatory That You Apply A Curl Defining/Curl Control Cream While The Hair Is Wet. This Way It Will Stop The Hair From Frizzing, Getting Really Big & Poofy And Lock In The Wave Or Curl In The Hair. It Will Give The Hair A Nice, Soft And Tamed Wet Look While It’s Dry. Most People Think That Curly Hair Is Low Maintenance But It Actually Requires The Most Upkeep And It Needs To Be Wet EVERY SINGLE DAY So You Can Apply The Curl Define Crème


If You Are Not Familiar With Coloring Hair Please Take Extensions To A Professional Colorist. You Don’t Want To Ruin The Hair By Over Processing It With Bleaches And Dye. Always Let A Licensed Professional Color Your Bundles Even If It Is As Simple As Applying A Black Semi-Permanent Rinse. Don’t Do It Yourself.


If You Are Planning To Purchase Coarse-Textured Hair, Please Note That The Coarser The Hair Is; The More Prone To Damage It Can Be. Coarse Hair Is Fragile Hair. It Requires Moisture And TLC. The Ends Can Break Under Heat Or Manipulation More Easily Than Softer Hair Will. The Lifespan Of Coarse Hair Will Be Shorter Than The Lifespan Of Softer Hair. Please Keep This In Mind When Purchasing.


Please Know That The More Coarse The Hair Is The More It Will React To The Elements (Weather). If You Do Not Like Poofy, Frizzy, Natural Looking Coarse Hair, You Should Not Purchase A Very Coarse Texture. Most Women Who Like This Texture, Purchase It Because They Are Natural (Unrelaxed), And Want A Hair Type That Will Compliment And React Similarly To How Their Natural Hair Reacts To The Elements (Heat, Humidity, Rain, Etc.)

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